Patricia J. London

Life Coach • Educator • Leader

Through deep listening and intuitive guidance, we will explore the essence of your heart, mind and spirit. You will emerge with insight, energy and renewed confidence, on your journey towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you in the middle of a challenging phase in life?

The obstacles of life can make us feel emotionally challenged and uncomfortable. Finding our way through the confusion and fear can be overwhelming and stressful. Even when change is necessary, we can still find ourselves feeling stuck and out of sorts.

When you work with me, these life challenges can become vital opportunities for slowing down and looking holistically at what you really want and need at this moment in your life to progress forward.


Common life transitions include:

  • Career changes
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Midlife crisis
  • Financial struggles
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Grief and loss
  • Health transitions

About Patricia

Life can be challenging and mine certainly has thrown me some curveballs. I can relate to the struggles my clients go through, because I’ve gone through many of them myself.

During my two major life transitions I had to leave almost everything behind and renew my life. These were difficult and humbling times. There were many moments I thought I wouldn’t even make it. But I learned that times of transition were not simply waiting periods for the next thing to happen, but rather profound times of change that could teach me valuable lessons.

Life Coaching

An opportunity to Grow

Why Life Coaching?

Through deep listening, soulful exploration and intuitive guidance, I can help you access valuable information from your heart, mind and soul, emerging with clarity and renewed confidence.

Career Path Exploration

Living and working in alignment with your soul-purpose brings genuine satisfaction and peace within. I can help you discover if you’re on the right path or if you would be better suited to a brand new direction.

Nourishing Relationships

Relationships must be nurtured, therefore we have to educate ourselves in the art of communication, boundary making and finding balance. A nourishing relationship is one that is always refining and growing.

Grief Support

The sensitive process of mourning death and moving through grief can be an incredibly potent and a rich time of growth, filled with opportunities of understanding and inner awakening.
For the latest information on my Grief Support Group offering, please click HERE

Spiritual Mentoring

Through Spiritual Mentoring you will be able to explore freely, come to terms with your past and present beliefs, and find a more spiritually connected way of life, anchored in your core values.

Mind Body Spirit Groups


Inner Renewal Saturdays

On scheduled Saturdays come join me for a group meditation, a brief sharing of insight on a spiritual topic, followed by group discussion and ending with focused healing prayers for those in need.

Women’s Group

This women’s circle offers soulful support, opportunities to enhance personal growth and the development of lasting bonds. With an emphasis on conscious living we always begin with an opening meditation, followed by personal sharing, writing, discussion and group coaching.

Health & Wellness Support Group

Whatever health path you are following, everyone is welcome in this group. We support each other towards vibrant health and wellness, sharing our struggles, inspiration and motivation through personal sharing, writing and discussion.

Developing Intuition Course

We all have intuitive abilities and, when developed, our intuition can guide us with profound insight. In this course you will learn how to identify different types of intuitive experiences, recognize your own intuitive signals, and learn how to further develop your intuition through meditation.

Journey Through Grief and Loss

After losing a loved one, having sufficient support and tools enable us to experience grief in all its layers. This group will focus on personal sharing, mutual support, self-care, positive strategies, guided meditation and stress relief.

Meditation Course

This course teaches a gentle approach to meditation and practice through breath awareness and concentration with the purpose of reaching a peaceful and heightened state of inner awakening. This class series will guide you over several months to establish your own meditation practice.

Success Stories – What Clients are saying

“Patricia was a lifeline for me during an important transition in my life.

Sessions with Patricia, step by step (with many tears in the beginning) led me to a new pathway for myself. I learned courage, insight, compassion for myself and most of all, hope. I now know not to be afraid. I now have a pocket of tools for the journey ahead. I am confident I will find a job that speaks to my heart, which brings joy and purpose.”

L.H – Hospice Fundraiser


I facilitate a number of Group Events, Excursions and Retreats throughout the year, which focus on inner and outer exploration, creative expression and personal transformation. Other than myself, visiting instructors also use the Sacred Garden for workshops that are in alignment with my work. Attending even one event can have a profound effect on your personal and spiritual growth.

We would love to have you join us!

• Sacred Garden Events
• Renewal Excursions
• Retreats

Meet Me In My Sacred Garden

As clients walk through the Sacred Garden to my office cottage for a coaching session, they begin to unwind and slow down, enjoying the healing power of nature – a soothing and useful way to begin our session together.

I offer artists and teachers an opportunity to teach in the Sacred Garden, an intention similar to what my grandfather had envisioned for himself so many years ago.

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You’re in this Life transition for a reason

“When a person feels profoundly heard and seen, an opening to their authentic self can emerge.”