Offering you wisdom, guidance and inspiration along your journey.

Life Coaching is right for you, if you are…

  • Feeling some sense of dissatisfaction in your career, relationships, health or finances
  • Feeling stuck or in crisis
  • Struggling with decision-making
  • Wanting to improve your ability to communicate, focus or discern
  • In need of spiritual exploration and direction
  • Wishing to explore deeper life questions, meaning and purpose in a safe place

Why Life Coaching?

Life is a journey and we all are learning and growing along the way. So many people never realize their dreams because they are unable to face the mental, physical or emotional obstacles that block their path. Often what they need is someone to create a safe space, helping them to believe in themselves and see expanded possibilities.

People seek Life Coaching to deal with challenging issues such as emotional blocks, grief and loss, career transition, spiritual inquiry, illness, marriage, and divorce. Sometimes the greatest gifts are found by gleaning the wisdom from painful or transitional experiences. Whatever you may be going through in life, I encourage you to trust me in guiding you along your journey.

Through a life of developed wisdom and intuitive exploration, I have the ability to quickly build trust and make a heart-connection with others. My authentic and honest approach will help you to relax, feel seen and even understood. A healing begins to take place as I intuitively tune into your soul path and heart, and you trust me with your transformative process. This is the perfect place to begin navigating the windy path towards a conscious and happy life. It is my great joy to walk this path with you and eventually set you free to fly on your own.

How I Can Help You

I use a coaching process where we will delve into your current life situation and see where there are some gaps to be explored. Through deep listening, I will provide intuitive guidance and help you access valuable information from your heart, mind and soul.

Limiting beliefs may surface along the way, so identifying and releasing these beliefs can lead to a new sense of freedom and the ability to make new priorities and decisions for yourself. We will clarify your core values and set some reasonable goals. This will determine the steps you need to take to create your desired shift in life.

Accessing Inner Guidance

Through life’s wisdom and a consistent meditation practice, I have found practical ways to access my own inner guidance. During your session I will teach you to discern between the chatter of your mind and your own inner wisdom, through a guided breath-flow meditation. You will learn to recognize, listen and trust that small voice within, which is your intuition.

At the conclusion of our meditation together, I will ask you to check in with your deepest wisdom-self and see what else you need to know right now. Whatever may arise for you is where we begin our coaching session for that day. As you learn to trust your own intuition, you will be able to clarify your thoughts and then act upon them to make confident life choices.

Navigating Self-Discovery

Is fear holding you back? Did you know that fear is at the core of resistance? When you resist taking action in your life, you will probably find yourself stuck. I work on a very intuitive level and can help you walk through your fears and resistances, transform any limiting beliefs, and motivate you towards change.

As you stand in what is true on your self-discovery journey, you can then calmly look ahead to the possibilities of what can be. I will help you learn to prioritize wisely and make decisions that are in alignment with your True Self. When this solid foundation of self-discovery is established, true emotional, physical and spiritual health can flourish.

Flowing Through Life Transitions

Transitions can be emotionally challenging, yet they can be valuable as well. Prior to moving forward on your journey, it is important to pause and reflect on all the life changes that may be affecting you.

I will listen to your story and together we will explore your feelings and beliefs that surround the transitions you are going through — allowing for breathing room, deep listening and compassion to flow through. New ideas, hopes and dreams may emerge as we move through a visioning process and discover your heart and soul yearnings. I will then carefully guide you in creating a useful list of goals and actions steps that will support you during this transitional time.

Career Path Exploration

If your work is unfulfilling, it is probably not the right job or career for you.

When you follow your inner calling – utilizing your gifts, passions and talents – you will be fulfilled not only in your career, but there’s a good chance you’ll be fulfilled in your life too.

Aligning Your Career Path

As your Life Coach I will guide you through a life-visioning process, where we will identify the qualities and values that are most important to you. Together we will explore new career/work possibilities, which will match these qualities and values.

More often than not, limiting beliefs will arise during this process. This is common! No worries, as I have developed several successful tools to help you overcome these stumbling blocks. As you move forward, together we will make a plan to transition toward your desired changes, ultimately leading you to living and working in alignment with your soul-purpose. Inspired, you will feel genuinely satisfied and more at peace.

Nourishing Relationships

After we navigate through the doors of authentic self-discovery, we are then ready to nourish our relationships with others. Relationships need to be tended to, just like a growing plant.

They must be nurtured and we have to educate ourselves in the art of communication, setting boundaries and balancing time for ourselves. A nourishing relationship is one that is always refining and growing. Relationships take a commitment and awareness to being authentic, present and a willingness to put in the work that it takes.

Soulful Communication Skills

Many of us never learned how to communicate skillfully! Communication is one of the greatest challenges, either in an intimate or family relationship, a business relationship, or between friends. For many years now I have been personally using and teaching my clients a powerful and effective communication technique called Soulful Communication.

At the heart of this technique each person gains clarity through sharing their thoughts, feelings, needs and wants, while being patiently heard and seen by the other. This safe exchange of perspectives and deep listening often result in better communication skills, conflict resolution, new solutions, and a profound sense of understanding and intimacy.

Healthy Boundaries

Knowing when to share information with emotional content and how much to share can sometimes end up in a misstep. Establishing healthy boundaries is important, but we must be clear as to whether the timing is right or appropriate, and whether the other person is worthy of receiving information from our deepest heart. I teach a clear and informative tool, Circles of Intimacy, which will enable you to discern and make relevant and healthy decisions in your relationships.

Developing Magnetism

Magnetism attracts whatever is near – that is a truth! If you imagine yourself first surrounded by light and joy, followed by an emerging smile, first in your heart and then externally on your face, you will surely magnetize more JOY. It can also be stated that we can magnetize negativity by having a negative attitude. Yes, we do magnetize what we project!

The same is true for relationships. We attract what we project. Many people don’t know how to develop magnetism, attracting unwanted advances or responses. I can coach you to raise your inner awareness so that you can magnetize your desired results. Being positive, experiencing confidence, delighting in outer and inner joy, being solution-oriented, and expecting good things to happen are all methods to raise your level of magnetism and create more balance in your life.

Grief Support

Death is just as natural as birth. We will all die at some point. And yet especially here in our western culture, we are mostly afraid of death and resist talking about it. What follows is a grief process that feels so foreign and over-whelming to us that we sometimes will go into denial and quickly move on from our distress.

But the truth is that the grief process can be incredibly potent and rich, filled with growth opportunities. We might question our own mortality or our spiritual beliefs, and we usually gain a greater understanding of our own life after going through a grieving process.

Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Dreams

Collectively and individually, the world is going through a certain amount of grief as we endure the years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Loss of family or friends, loss of freedoms, and loss of control are all manifestations during this highly unusual time. I encourage my clients to stay present and not loose sight of their dreams and talents just because the world changes. Although our strategies might have to change, our goals are still very valid.

Death and the Grief Process

The sensitive process of moving through grief over the death of a loved one is impactful and most people need the support of an experienced and trained professional. If you are grieving a recent loss or are distressed over a past death, I can guide you through a well-recognized and effective six-stage process known as the Grief Wheel:

Stage 1 – Loss
Stage 2 – Shock
Stage 3 – Protest
Stage 4 – Disorganization
Stage 5 – Reorganization
Stage 6 – Recovery

As we go through these stages together, there is no doubt that questions and deep feelings will arise. I will exercise sensitivity through your journey, assuring you continued guidance and support at your comfort level.

Understanding Loss and the Road to Recovery

In order to reach a state of Recovery after a loss, you have to be prepared to step through the Grief Wheel process. Loss could be in the form of a person, a pet, housing, job or divorce. No matter what the loss, this Grief Wheel process applies. The road to recovery will look different for everyone with no expected time limitations.

As we work through Stage 5 – Reorganization (trying new patterns of behavior, developing new interests or skills, and renewal of socialization), you will be heading towards Stage 6 – Recovery. During this last stage you will create your own list of what recovery will look like for you. This becomes a powerful tool to understanding loss and the road to recovery.

Individual and Family Grief Counseling and Group Support

I offer individual and family grief counseling using the Grief Wheel as our process model. I will be able to offer you individual attention through your grief, including where to go from here. Feeling lost is a common grief symptom, and it’s important to have sufficient support during this time.

On occasion, I offer a support group called Journey Through Grief and Loss. This group opportunity can be immensely valuable and rich in content. Please CLICK HERE for upcoming group classes.

Memorial Services: Honoring Your Loved One

Honoring your loved ones with a gathering of family and friends can be a very meaningful ritual that can assist you in your acceptance of their passing, leading to your own inner peace. This gathering or memorial service can be done before the person dies, as in a Celebration of Life, or can be done after the person passes.

Collectively, as human beings, we sometimes need this extra support of a ritual to complete the circle of life and everyone can experience a powerful healing to gain closure. I am trained to help you through the grief process.

Spiritual Mentoring

My spiritual mentoring role is to honor, support, and sensitively guide those who are exploring spiritual nourishment. Creating a safe space, holding confidentiality and allowing expressions of the heart will always be my top priority. Through this process you will be able to explore freely, come to terms with your beliefs, and find more spiritual connection.

Spiritual Healing

Exploring spirituality can be both enlightening and scary at the same time. At first we may experience a honeymoon period on the spiritual path, including feelings of euphoria, idealism and joy. As we continue this process of inquiry, we surprisingly may find that feelings of despair or doubt arise. Part of this process is asking and exploring the big life questions such as,

Who Am I? 
What Is My Purpose?
What Is The Meaning of Life?

As we seek to broaden our spiritual understanding, we gather the seeds from these opportunities – for most of us this becomes a lifetime exploration. Through this soul-searching process, we are eventually led to a soul awakening and spiritual healing, where we can then plant a new spiritual garden anchored in our core beliefs.

Meditation Instruction

Most of us have chattering thoughts that just won’t turn off! This kind of mental overflow blocks the potential for clarity, inner peace or elevated states of clear intuition. The practice of meditation cuts through these blocks and reveals undreamed of possibilities. After practicing meditation even for just a few months, you are able to gain greater perspective on your own life for making clearer life choices. Meditation also reduces stress and improves overall health by way of offering solutions for the body and mind to slow down into states of relaxed awareness and mindfulness.

For those who are seeking spiritual nourishment, meditation can be a pathway to a direct experience of Higher Consciousness.

I have been practicing meditation for the majority of my life, and teaching others how to meditate for decades. My approach is gentle, clear and joyful, presented with a calm and soothing voice, which blends the spiritual with the practical. There are many forms of meditation, but the one closest to my heart works with the gentle flow of the breath, which helps to calm and quiet the mind. I offer individual meditation instruction, an occasional meditation class series called, Meditation Course, and an ongoing meditation and spiritual inquiry group called Inner Renewal Saturdays.

Spiritual Retreat

I encourage my clients to go on a spiritual retreat at least once a year to nourish their soul. Learning to appreciate, enjoy, and even yearning for inner stillness is a skill developed over time. During a spiritual retreat you will have the opportunity to have a mind, body, spirit reset, and expand in the areas of your meditation practice, rejuvenating your spirit, connecting with nature, and sharing with others.

Here are three Spiritual Retreat options:

  • Attend a Spiritual Retreat at Wholistic Life Renewal with Patricia London, or a guest facilitator – dates to be determined
  • Hire Patricia London as a Spiritual Retreat Presenter for your organized group
  • Choose and attend a retreat from Patricia’s Retreat Resource List (USA and Canada)

Taking time to experience inner quietude is a great gift you can give yourself, and doing so in the form of a spiritual retreat can facilitate grounded focus and calmness even for the most restless individuals.

Start your journey now!