Wholistic Life Renewal Testimonials


It is a sacred honor to walk this journey with each of my clients.

I’m so glad that you’re reaching out for solutions to make a better life for yourself. You’re in the right place! I’m passionate about working with my coaching clients – they trust me and I trust them! The following Life Coaching Testimonials are from people who were excited to share their transformational stories with you. I hope you enjoy reading them!



“It’s truly amazing how my life has opened up — how I have become more confident in following my heart and in getting the results I want.

On countless occasions, I’ve thought of you, Patricia, as my life is spinning into new wonderful directions. I can attribute much of this goodness to the change of energy we did in working together. Sometimes I’m so exhausted because there is so much wonderful work to be done and I don’t want to miss a moment of the doing. Thank you for being such an incredible spirit guide for me in this process. I so greatly appreciate your presence in my life.”

M.G. – Marketing and Public Relations

“Patricia helped me sort through some of my core issues, and for the first time in my life I was finally able to see just who I am at my core. Heady stuff!

Patricia was referred to me by a friend at a time when I was wondering which way to go in my life journey. My mother had recently passed away, I had just ‘semi-retired’, and I was feeling rudderless and lost, grieving, and yes, angry. My friend wholeheartedly recommended Patricia based on the help she had given him in his journey. Patricia offers an initial one-hour free consultation, and within the first few minutes with her I was impressed by so many things. She is very grounded, gently compassionate, a great listener, spiritually intuitive by nature, and has deep life experiences to draw upon — and so began our journey! We have had several sessions together and through this work I have found direction again. Patricia doesn’t tell me what I need to do, but rather gently and lovingly helps me to discover solutions for myself. I have gotten so much value from my time with her.”

L.H. – Entrepreneur

“Everyday, I wake up filled with joy and wonder knowing that finally I am right where I’m supposed to be living my purpose.

Patricia’s approach is unique, joy-filled and spiritually centered. I love that, and it’s exactly what I needed. Now, because of the work I did and continue to do with Patricia, I am living the life of my dreams. My new business as a Professional Pet Sitter, Writer, and Photographer is unfolding perfectly. I am now completely free of the corporate job that sucked the life out of me.”

J.H. – Pet Sitter & Writer

“When I am with Patricia I feel profoundly seen and supported.

Patricia embodies a presence of listening and of care that is deeply healing. It is a gift to have such loving light shining on my own knowing. It’s as if my soul’s desire is being blessed. Clearly Patricia is passionate about supporting others!”

S.L. – Spiritual Teacher

“Today I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter!

I requested a telephone consultation with Patricia because I was feeling depressed and struggling with my relationship with my grown daughter. Patricia listened and then gently responded to my situation with keen, direct and kind words. She helped me to see the big picture, assisted me in writing a succinct and honest letter to my daughter, and inspired me to speak up for my own values with other family members. At the end of our phone session, Patricia offered words of wisdom that soothed my nerves and gave me hope.”

B.J. – Dyslexia Education Specialist

“I’ve learned how to call on my own inner strength to guide me through life.

I am redesigning my life to include a work path which allows me to use my skills and interests, while holding true to my values. I came to Patricia for coaching because I needed help identifying my vision, believing in myself and creating more joy in my life. Patricia helped me discover myself through identifying my vision, and creating goals and strategies to support staying on track. I now feel good about my uniqueness, and have more confidence and a clearer vision of what I want to include in my life/work path. I feel less anxious and more positive.”

J.G. – Artist, Entrepreneur

“Today I am happily settled in my life, have full-time work, and can see a clear direction for my future.

Last year I was struggling with some directional decisions about my life and work. In the course of one extended coaching session, Patricia listened carefully and calmly to my situation and helped me draft a plan using her consummate skills as a spiritual guide, clear thinker and creative co-planner. Patricia held a very peaceful yet enlivened space while taking me through a process, both visionary and practical that was grounded in real life steps to follow. She also provided compassionate clarity to the issues that felt difficult.”

S.A.S. – Marriage and Family Therapist

“Patricia eased me through this transition, helping me to release old, stuck patterns and creating a new life-style.

I came to Patricia because I was depressed and anxious after moving to a senior retirement complex, following a career with young children. I’ve been to many therapists and self-help programs, but I’ve never received such loving, kind, astute help as I have with Patricia. I know she is always there if I ever need a gracious coach again.”

J.N. – Artist

“I wish I had found Patricia 10 years ago but am grateful for the work that we’re doing now.

I reached out to Patricia during a period of transition in my life. I was seeking guidance on how to navigate through this time, but what I’ve learned and continue to learn is so much more. I’ve discovered a more conscious approach to my life based on my personal values and life vision. Patricia has taught me how to listen to my heart and my authentic self, and with her help I am finally finding my voice and stepping into my power.”

R.G. – Winemaker

“Through her compassion, skilled listening, and broadened perspective of my soul’s journey, Patricia helped me to see the possibilities for healing, understanding and even enjoyment.

Recently my former husband invited me to go back to Illinois for a small family gathering, as he knew he was in the dying-process. I had a lot of fears around the potential of this visit, so I hired Patricia to coach me through the process. We worked with my fears and limiting beliefs. I ended up going on that trip, healing old wounds, rebuilding relationships, and today I am committed to my inner growth more than ever.”

E.B. – Rosen Movement Teacher

“From the very first moment I started working with Patricia, I knew that I was in a safe place.

I have been a full-time Mother for eighteen years, and it can be scary thinking about going back to work after such a long time. With Patricia’s coaching skills, I do not feel scared or anxious anymore. In fact, I feel better about myself more than ever! No matter what I end up doing, I know I’ll be more confident. Patricia has helped to remove barriers I did not realize were there and were blocking my progress. I now feel empowered, and know I can call Patricia for coaching.”

J.R. – Healer

“It took me a long time to discover it was fear holding me back from loving life to its fullest.

I’m 55 now and still struggle, but with Patricia’s help I can set fear aside and see my goals and step towards them. All her energy and goodness is there for me alone during our sessions, unlike a friend or family member, who without intention, have their own prejudices. With Patricia’s help, guidance and love, I can see clearly the choices I have to make for myself and am thus far learning to love myself, the greatest of all. I am so fortunate to have found Patricia as my Life Coach.”

Y.S. – Vintage Specialist

“Patricia helped me through a difficult transition period in my life and I’m deeply grateful.

Patricia London has some special gifts that make her uniquely qualified as a Life Coach. Knowing her both professionally and personally, I can attest to her heart-centered approach, rooted in a solid foundation of lived spiritual values over a lifetime. She really walks her talk and is an inspiration for others to embody their highest qualities for the wellbeing of all.”

M.Z. – Artist

“During the time Patricia was my Life Coach we did some profound exercises that changed my life forever.

I discovered the passions that lived inside of me and began to bring them into existence. Travel was one of those passions and I have been to six European countries in the last two years. Patricia is such an inspiring, loving, and gentle soul. That combined with her meditation practice and the experience she has as a Life Coach sets anyone up for success. I adore her!”

J.D. – Administrative Assistant

“There was part of myself that was crying for change and growth.

I came to Patricia for Spiritual Coaching. I needed help in sorting out the confusing pieces of my spiritual life and expression. With Patricia’s strong loving presence and open unimposing support, I was able to discover my definition of spirituality, clear-up confusions, and ground myself in my own spiritual practice.”

K.H. – Engineer

“Patricia grounds me and gives me wings at the same time.

Patricia has been so incredibly helpful for me as I transition into life as an empty nester and try to figure out where to go with the next phase of my life. She always helps me crystallize what I need to be focused on, seemingly and effortlessly. She just has a way of listening and asking the right questions that has me leaving a session with a clear picture of my next steps and renewed confidence in myself.”

C.W. – Artist

“I loved the coaching client relationship with Patricia — her warmth allowed me to feel empowered to be the best version of myself.

Patricia’s experience and skills assisted me in peeling back the layers guiding me to my heart’s fulfillment. Uncovering these layers is where the growth and transformation happened and this is what I needed. Patricia is very intuitive and practical with a heart of gold, truly an amazing woman. She loves her calling and it shows in her work. Patricia is patient and knowledgeable and is authentic with her compassion.”

J.C. – Spiritual Entrepreneur

“Patricia is a real joy to work with and I’m so incredibly grateful for her support.

Her wise insights have helped me tremendously. I feel comforted by her calm, compassionate presence and I always look forward to our sessions. She’s highly skilled as a Counselor and Life Coach and I’d recommend her to anyone.”

P.M. – Vedic Astrologer

“Patricia helped to guide me through the process of understanding my unhappy career situation and determining what it is that I really want to do with my life.

She is a great listener with uncommon empathy and an endless supply of tools that we used together to take steps towards better communication, greater understanding, and living my life courageously. For me, this has resulted in tremendous changes in my life ritual and with a real sense of adventure for what lies ahead.”

K.H. – Engineer

“Trust is so important when change is afoot. I trust Patricia to guide me toward my own best good.

Recently, I found myself at a place where I needed to make a change. I’ve had a lot of therapy in my life, but never have I worked with someone who understands the heart with such wisdom and intelligence. Patricia London knows the tender questions to ask that help a person to really dig into one’s own mind and search its recesses for one’s deeper desires.”

K.L. – Author

“I have been blessed and honored to have worked with Patricia. Her gentle strength is a model for me now.

Patricia was a lifeline for me during an important transition in my life. After decades working for a hospice program, the job I loved moved away. I was left with a nice severance package to tide me over, but didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted next with the time I have left. Sessions with Patricia, step by step (with many tears in the beginning) led me to a new pathway for myself. I learned courage, insight, compassion for myself, and most of all, hope. I now know not to be afraid. I now have a pocket of tools for the journey ahead. I am confident I will find a job that speaks to my heart, which brings joy and purpose. Thank you Patricia.”

L.H. – Hospice Fundraiser

“Patricia was instrumental as a Counselor and Mentor in guiding me during my transition into a freelancing career after moving from the corporate world.

She helped me focus and reinforce my confidence to pursue a new endeavor. She has an innate and sincere desire to help others succeed in life, reach their goals and overcome challenges. She is thoughtful, kind, caring, and a great listener. You can always count on her for support, encouragement and advice. Patricia exudes love and compassion, is a friend, and a true inspiration.”

N.G. – Graphic Designer